Social return

It's in our DNA

Corporate social responsibility with a high social return on investment

More and more organizations are recognizing the need and benefits of corporate social responsibility (CSR), and our government is increasingly encouraging it. Corporate social responsibility is deeply rooted in our corporate culture. Our approach to handling IT equipment is built to maximize social return. ARGO360 gives ICT equipment a second life and simultaneously creates workplaces for people with a distance to the labor market.

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“The PSO certification stands for social employer and entrepreneurship which fits perfectly with our vision. It’s in our DNA.”

With this national quality mark from TNO, it is clear to companies that they are making their sustainable contribution by working with us.

Organizations that achieve Level 3 | 30+ certification are among the 10% best performing companies in the Netherlands when it comes to corporate social responsibility. It also means that 30% of our staff consists of people from the PSO target group, in accordance with Article 2.82 of the revised Procurement Law.

“We want to make an active contribution to improving the environment and employment issues in the Netherlands and the world.”

With corporate social responsibility, we make an impact on the three Ps: People, Planet and Prosperity. We provide a safe workplace to vulnerable people and provide training/education to encourage development.

“Increase the positive impact and work with organizations that integrate social return into their organization.”

Social return can be fulfilled with ARGO360. Our organization works with municipalities and organizations that also invest in social enterprise.

Social return ensures that in addition to ‘normal’ returns, a social contribution is made in society. The focus is on the area of employment and, through ARGO360, is aimed at helping people with a distance to the labor market find work.

IT Asset Disposition: secure, responsible and social

Protection of data within organizations is of great importance. Therefore, when managing IT equipment, phasing out data carriers must be handled carefully to prevent data leaks. During the replacement and/or destruction of equipment, we follow a (Secure) ITAD plan.

This helps organizations comply with information security and recycling laws and regulations.

Prevent detrimental risk, financial and environmental damage and contribute to your own environmental goals.

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Dismantling data center

For dismantling data center, we offer certified solutions with data and environment in mind.

Data removal

Removing your data in a safe way? Choose certified data removal by approved software.

Data destruction

Data destruction is the last option when IT equipment cannot be reused. We destroy data carriers in a secure and sustainable way.


We offer your unused IT equipment a new life by refurbishing, the most environmentally friendly way to recycle.

Device as a Service

Unburden your organization completely when it comes to hardware! With DaaS, maintenance and management are included and you always use up-to-date devices.

Hardware procurement

Getting rid of IT-hardware? Sell your IT equipment for the best price and offer them a new life!

To realize social return, we cooperate with:

Dispose IT equipment with the highest residual value?

Choose ARGO360’s fully certified approach and go for corporate social responsibility.

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