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We realize social return

Specialist in IT-recycling and corporate social responsibility

ARGO360 was founded by IT specialists who not only recognize the economic and environmental, but also the human value of corporate social responsibility. We are a social IT service provider that builds a socially responsible bridge between data security, the environment and economically responsible choices regarding End of Life (EOL) IT equipment.

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What we do

Our process

We believe it’s important that discarded or unused IT equipment is given a second life. At the same time, we want to provide a nice workplace for people with a distance at the labor market. Therefore, we create workplaces throughout the whole process of processing and recycling IT equipment. For our processing process, we follow the Secure IT Asset Disposition lifecycle process, outlined in an ITAD roadmap. We are fully certified to dispose of old and unused IT hardware in a safe and environmentally responsible way.

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Why we do this

Our mission and vision; social and ambitious

Together with our customers and governments, we are create change to address our global E-waste problem and drastically reduce our carbon footprint. We link IT reuse, waste offsets and recycling to corporate social responsibility. That is how we increase the Social Return On Investment (SROI) and show companies that you can also make money with corporate social responsibility.

Our impact

By working together, your organization makes an impact on the environment and society.


Nearly three-fourths of the IT equipment we process can be given a second life. That’s the biggest environmental saving.


When IT equipment cannot be reused, we take care of fragmentation so that parts can be reused.


We guarantee that none of the leftover IT hardware ends up in landfills. We make sure that every part can be reused.

Dispose IT equipment with the highest residual value?

Choose ARGO360’s fully certified approach and go for corporate social responsibility.

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