Data destruction

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Destruction of data carriers that have no second life left

Data carriers (hdd, ssd, usb stick, flash media, smartphone, tablet) are destroyed for two reasons:

  1. The data carrier is no longer suitable for redeployment because it is too old or has a defect after testing (which follows after software data removal),
  2. Customer’s guideline dictates destruction of the data carrier.

ARGO360 has several shredders to destroy data carriers in an appropriate manner. These shredders are mobile and can be used on customer sites.

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To prevent data breaches

Data destruction of all electronic devices

Data can reside on electronic devices and data carriers, such as hard drives, cell phones, CD-ROMs, data tapes, floppy disks, hard drives, etc. ARGO360 uses shredders that can handle all of the previously mentioned items. Data carriers are shredded into small pieces, with residual material recycled according to the European WEEELABEX standard. Our mobile shredders can also destroy data carriers on site, eliminating security risks.

The data destruction process

Data destruction or data clearing?

That is up to the customer. We use shredders to shred data carriers into small pieces. As a result, all data is guaranteed to be destroyed and impossible to retrieve. After destruction, a complete report with serial numbers of the destroyed data carriers follows together with a certificate as proof of destruction.

Data carrier destruction makes reuse impossible. When a data carrier can be reused, we perform a secure data removal process. Specialist software (AIVD approved) is then used to permanently and securely remove data from equipment. We offer data destruction as a final option, to encourage reuse of IT equipment.

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More information about data destruction?

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