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Safe, responsible and integer

Data removal is essential when disposing of ICT equipment.

The moment a company disposes of its ICT equipment, it is essential to properly arrange the next step. Especially if data carriers contain personal or business-sensitive information, it is necessary to have that data removed in a thorough and responsible manner. Erasing, formatting or resetting data carriers is not enough, therefore ARGO360 uses special certified software. This software is the most secure way to remove data and has the advantage that the data carrier is suitable for reuse.

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To maintain data integrity

Why erasing is not the same as data removal

Criminals who are after data or sensitive information know exactly how to recover erased data. To clear data safely and prevent a data breach, it’s best to hire a certified company that takes a thorough approach to data removal. The software we use is approved by the AIVD, always up-to-date and is also used by the police, defense and banking sectors. With this we clear your data permanently and safely, so that data integrity is preserved.

We perform data removal not only on laptops and servers, but also on individual hard drives, tablets, smartphones and other storage systems.

Completely carefree

Certified data removal

After the data removal, the customer receives a detailed report and certificates, which serves as proof of the work. Each report is created so that it cannot be changed manually and contains details of the hardware and related serial numbers. After data removal, client chooses to reuse or destroy. In this, ARGO360 takes care of clients in a sustainable way.

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