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In need of a renewal in ICT? Opt for refurbished or renewed equipment from ARGO360

Technology is developing at a rapid pace. That means our devices have more and more capabilities and users’ needs are changing. Many organizations want their staff to work with the best equipment. The consequence? The economic life of hardware is becoming shorter than its technical life, as older devices lose their “value” sooner. Re-use of newer equipment is then a good option. ARGO360 provides renew or refurbished equipment based on need. ARGO360, in turn, takes in unused IT equipment to dispose of it in a responsible manner.

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Refurbished Macbooks - Fujitsu Refurbished
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Through refurbishing, ARGO360 gives IT hardware a second life. The most sustainable solution, because anything that is reused does not have to be produced.

After processing (data removal plus any repairs) and testing the equipment, remarketing determines the FMV (Fair Market Value).
Equipment gets a second life in our global network of buyers based on supply and demand. It is also possible to reuse the devices within the own organization, offer them through ARGO360 to employees, or donate them to charity.

Recycling Hardware
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Sustainable and socially responsible

Choose recycling with a high social return

With ARGO360 you have a partner that aims for sustainable business, a better environment and a high social return. Our approach, way of processing and our team is built to get a social value as high as possible. We give IT equipment a second life and create workplaces for people with a distance at the labor market.

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