Bring Back E-waste

Waste compensation for E-waste

New IT equipment is necessary, but unfortunately also polluting.

Something can now be done about that pollution; Argo360 makes it possible to deploy new IT equipment in a waste-neutral way. This means proactive action can be taken against future pollution of existing IT equipment. The good news is that the current method of purchasing electronics remains unchanged. There is no need to make changes to existing procurement processes, product selection or suppliers.

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Corporate social responsibility

A revolutionary approach for sustainable Urban Mining

Through ARGO360, it is possible to collect the equivalent of E-waste pollution from areas where Urban Mining is impossible. In doing so, we clean up the earth, help local families in Africa get honest work, provide Social Return On investment in the Netherlands and realize Urban Mining, where plastic streams are saved from incineration and get a second life using 3D printers.

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Bring Back E-waste

Bring Back E-waste, how it works:

  • The client determines the volume of IT products to be offset.
  • A modest fee of a few euros per new phone, tablet, laptop or kilo is charged.
  • This fee is used for the collection of discarded electronics in Africa, transport to the Netherlands and processing by people with distance to the labor market.
  • These collection and recycling efforts serve as ‘compensation’ for your new devices.
  • In this way, the environmental impact of your new electronics is offset by the processing of discarded electronic material.

Bring Back E-waste


At the completion of the project, client will receive a variety of reports, which will provide insight on SDGs in: This waste compensation contributes to the ecological neutrality of your new electronic purchases.

    1. Urban Mining results,
    2. toxicity avoided,
    3. number of man hours in terms of SROI,
    4. Co2 savings.

This waste compensation contributes to the ecological neutrality of your new electronic purchases.

Win win, and your organization:

  • literally cleans up the planet
  • helps local communities in Africa to find honest work
  • Realizes SROI in the Netherlands
  • Reduces depletion of raw materials through Urban Mining
  • Saves plastic streams from incineration by using 3D printers
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Dispose IT equipment with the highest residual value?

Choose ARGO360’s fully certified approach and go for corporate social responsibility.

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