IT Asset Disposition

Safe, responsible and social.

IT Asset Disposition in relation to laws and regulations

After 3 to 5 years, an organization says goodbye to its surplus ICT hardware. It is important that the organization follows the correct procedures in line with laws and regulations. A well-executed (Secure) IT Asset Disposition plan is necessary for this.

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Safe, responsible and social.

What is IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)?

IT Asset Disposition, also known as IT Asset disposal or ITAD, is the process that starts when a company disposes of its IT equipment. ITAD results in two streams: IT reuse and recycling.

To achieve these end results, many activities must be executed in the areas of logistics, testing, refurbishment, repairs and fractionation. For all these steps, client must take into account laws and regulations.

Outsourcing ITAD to ARGO360 guarantees complete taken care of:

  • data removal
  • legal disclaimer
  • value recovery (financial return on investment)
  • social return on investment
  • legislation

A well-executed (Secure) IT Asset Disposition plan is necessary for this.

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Why an ITAD-plan?

Every organization has to deal with laws and regulations concerning data and E-waste when parting with its ICT.
The ITAD plan is customized and provides guidance on the frameworks within which operational, legal and financial operations can be conducted.

An IT Asset Disposal plan is a critical component for companies that take data integrity and responsible IT management seriously. Companies receive proof of data removal and asset indemnification at the serial number level after processing.

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IT Asset Disposition in 6 steps

A well-executed (Secure) ITAD plan is of great importance to any organization. We are certified in all ITAD aspects and are the partner of choice in setting up and executing this plan.

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1: IT-hardware inventory

The first step in the process is to take stock of the current state of IT equipment. We review what previous processes have been followed and schedule a time to pick up all the equipment.

2: Safe transport

We guarantee safe and carefree transportation of all belongings. When the items arrive at our site, everything is carefully weighed and tagged with individual tags so we can track everything.

3: Data removal

To securely delete data, we use special, AIVD-approved software.

4: Refurbishing or recycling

Devices may still have value, but no longer for your company. With refurbishing, we offer old IT hardware a second life. When a second life is not possible, we ensure that every part is recycled.

5: Report

Upon completion, you will receive a fully detailed report explaining all processes performed.

6: Sale and residual value

We offset the resale and residual value of all IT equipment so you always pay the best price.

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Be completely care-free when disposing of your IT equipment.

More information about IT Asset Disposition?

Want more information about executing an ITAD plan? Contact us for free advice on how we can take care of ITAD for you.

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